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Welcome to the James Best Art online store. The paintings shown below are all James Best originals - all done in watercolor. If you have any questions about sales or a particular painting, please contact us. Please note, all paintings are matted. We ship worldwide.


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Watercolor #99 - "Double Delight" - SOLD

This is a spectacular watercolor. The detail in the flowers is stunning. That James was able to get this much detail and keep the lovely softness of the colors is amazing. I always thought James painted watercolors like oils. This is also a very impressive size, the image is 13 x 17 1/2 $1200
Dorothy Best

Soft Morn 

Watercolor #98 - "Soft Morn" - SOLD

This watercolor was probably painted back around 2004 when we still were living in Florida. It is a very nice size the image being 9 1/2 x 16 1/4. It comes double matted and ready for your frame of choice. Jimmie liked to use liquid watercolors which made for very strong colors. The yellow is lovely in this watercolor. $1100
Dorothy Best


Watercolor - SOLD

5x7 Here is another example of his technique of pen and watercolor, but more of a silhouette which Jimmie loved to paint $350
Dorothy Best



Watercolor #96 - SOLD

5x7 Sometimes on these cards James would use a combination of pen and watercolor. This card is a great example of that technique.
Dorothy Best


Watercolor #95 - SOLD

5x7 James was a huge fan of sunsets, when ever we were out fishing together we loved to watch for natures slide show of colors.
Dorothy Best


Watercolor #94 - SOLD

5x7 James loved Willow trees, he actually wrote a play that was titled "High is the Willow". When we were landscaping the house we built here in Hickory in 2008 the one request my Jimmie had was for a Willow tree. We planted a tree that was about 6 ft. it is now well over 12 feet.
Dorothy Best


Watercolor #93 - $350

James would paint watercolors on greeting cards to use for friends and family for special occasions. When I was organizing his art studio after he passed I found several of these cards in a drawer. They are 5x7 come matted and fit easily in a 8x10 frame. I thought fans and collectors would enjoy owning one of these very special cards. $350
Dorothy Best



Watercolor #92 - $500

#92 James had painted this tropical flower in an oil for our dear friends Ken and Sharon Smith, so he decided to try it in a watercolor. This was painted around 2005.
Dorothy Best



Watercolor #91 - SOLD

This is a very impressionistic bouquet done in soft pinks, one of my favorite colors.
Dorothy Best


Watercolor #90 - SOLD

#90 James knew that I love flowers, so he would surprise me with his idea of a very special bouquet. He loved to add a touch of glitter to make it more dramatic. My Jimmie was never boring LOL
Dorothy Best  


Watercolor #89 - $500

 This lovely watercolor was painted by James in 2012 and the certificate of authenticity has an actual autograph of James on it along with the painting. This is around the time that James and I decided to occasionally offer watercolors at personal appearances, but we did not offer them in the online store.
Dorothy Best



Watercolor #84 - $500




Watercolor #87 - $1200

This watercolor was discovered in James Best art studio after his passing. The image is 13x18 and comes with a mat and backing board. It is larger then most of the watercolors that have been offered previously. The Best family is offering this to collectors of Jimmie's art. $1200 shipping and certificate of authenticity included. This watercolor was probably completed sometime from 2012 to 2014



Watercolor #88 - $1750

This watercolor/Acrylic mixed media is one of the largest works in this media that artist/actor James Best,aka Rosco P Coltrane (Dukes of Hazzard) ever painted. The image measures 16x24. It comes matted with backing board. This painting was discovered in his art studio after his passing by his wife Dorotby Best. The Best family is offering this painting to collectors of James Best art. $1750 includes shipping and certificate of authenticity.