Dear Dorothy & Jimmy,

It was my great pleasure of meeting you both. Thank You for your hospitality and for allowing us to come to your lovely home for the interview and to see first hand all the beautiful paintings. I hope our paths cross sooner than later.

I spoke with Earl last night and gave him your regards. He was excited to hear that we finally met with you. He also hopes to meet you one day.

Tim or I will keep you posted when the private screening party for Earl will be. Here's the picture of us you asked for the post. I just love it! Once again, thank you for everything. Hope to see you again soon.

Best Regards,
Ray Castro

Dear Mr. Best,

Attached are the pictures you requested from Hazard Homecoming of you, Julie, and myself with your beautiful painting (My Lily Pad Pond). The painting is hanging in a guest room at our current residence, but we plan to hang it in a special location in the dining room of our dream home that we are in the final stages of completing in the shadow of White Oak Mountain. We will send a picture of it hanging in its' permanent home in a month or so.

I cannot express how much it meant to us to talk with you in person. We both felt as if we'd known you after being long time fans and immensely enjoying your book. You certainly did not dissapoint as we found you every bit as entertaining and personable as we ever expected. We also enjoyed seeing the premiere of "Return of the Killer Shrews" in Washington the day before the Homecoming. We would very much like to purchase a copy if it is available.

I'm sure you are extremely busy, but the offer to take you fishing should you ever desire to visit the Chattanooga or Knoxville, TN area was sincere. We have access to some excellent spots on Douglas, Chickamauga, Tellico, and Guntersville lakes. I could certainly use some of that Jimmie Best luck we read about and would love to learn a few things along the way. Just give a yell and we will most happily set it up.

In the mean time Julie says hello, and you can look me up on Battlefield 3 (I also cannot fly the helocopters worth a dang) under the name xXGunslingerZz.


Alan and Julie St. Clair

(Received April 2012)

Dear Dorothy,

Today I hung the painting, "Sunday Morning with Granny," over the fireplace mantle in the den. It's amazing that the original photo, a decades' old 3 inch-by-3 inch, grainy photo taken with a 110 camera could be reproduced into such a wonderful piece of art! I placed a professionally enhanced and enlarged replication of the original picture next to the painting and snapped a photo. The resulting photo (attached) does not do the painting justice, given the opportunity to see it in person! Even without the glare from the flash, a photo simply cannot capture the richness, attention to detail, and depth of the colors in the painting. Although my great-grandmother (whom we called "granny") has long since passed, I think she would love it. It was very special to me to have Mr. Best memorialize my great-grandmother, with whom I would enjoy watching episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard as a kid on Friday nights when I was lucky enough to be allowed to spend the night at granny's house. Who knew that "Rosco" would someday paint me a picture! In all seriousness and sincerity, this painting is very special and I want to thank Mr. Best for taking on this challenge and doing such a wonderful job. From the early iterations to the final product, it is clear that Mr. Best does this, first and foremost, as a labor of love. To both Mr. Best and you for all your help, Ms. Dorothy, I am much abliged!

Best regards,

Dr. E. Kent Malone



Dear Dorothy

I have been asked to pass on thanks from my friend to whom I gave that picture, which you so kindly sold to me, as a leaving present. He asked me to forward the following to you..
Dear Mr and Mrs BestI wanted to express my appreciation for the little piece of tranquillity that now resides on my living room wall. To glance upon it, is to instantly be transported through the minds eye to pleasant scenes reminiscent of the warmer times throughout life. It expresses that close bond we all have with our surroundings and environments, bringing a sense of inner peace. Beyond all this, it makes me smile! I once saw a stag, when I was a child and that same sense of majesty has been captured in this frame. I will for many years to come gaze upon the rich tapestry of colours with emotive glee. The locale in which it hangs, will always remain my little corner of escapist reality (I have included a photo of it's final resting place below) Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart and know there is a piece of Yorkshire that bears the Best family name.Yours truly,Angus J Whitehead

Letter received October 9th, 2008 -

We bought a painting on June 29, in Atlanta at Dukesfest. I am finally getting around to mailing you a picture of the painting in our house. Our children, Wil & Morgan, are in the picture as well.
Tanya Goette